3 Oct 2009

CHRISTMAS PLANNER - Altered File Folder

Here are the directions for making a file folder into a thing of beauty, plus it's useful too!

You start with a regular letter size file folder...

Fold it in half so that the tabs line up with each other like this:

Use your bone folder to make a sharp crease as it will want to keep reverting to the original crease.
Now fold it in half, lining up the fold at the bottom of the tabs, as shown here:

Crease it sharply and then open it out flat. Fold up the bottom section so that the bottom comes to the top of the shortest tab:

This is actually folded up on the wrong side in this photo so you can do it the opposite way, in any event it will work itself out when you fold it all together...

See how the short tab is on the right hand side above... well I actually want that to be the front of my planner not the back page, so if you flip the bottom fold to the other side the back page becomes the front page and it works.... clear as mud, right?!

You can leave it accordian style, but I prefer to attach the centre fold together with sticky tape so that it looks like the completed project on the right:

Now all you have to do is decorate your basic planner with stamps and/or Designer Series Paper, and labels. I printed the labels I wanted onto Whisper White cardstock with my computer and then attached them to the planner. Here is how the inside looks:

I attached calendars for November and December on the left so that I could mark the days that I have committments - workshops, classes, parties, family events, etc. The pocket at the bottom will hold invitations, and other info I'll need (time, directions, etc.)
I have a section for recipes and menus because I always run across things I want to try at Christmas parties (if the hostess will share her recipe!!) and sometimes I clip things from magazines and newspapers too.

In the third section I have tucked an envelope (don't you love the red!!) to hold receipts for Christmas gifts in case something has to be returned or exchanged (my fault for choosing incorrectly so I want to be able to fix it!) The last section has a list with gift recipient's names and ideas for their special gift.

I hope you'll give this a try. It's really easy and fun! And if you would like to have it as a class, just give me a call!

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