11 Aug 2008

Today is The Day!

The new 2008 Fall & Winter Idea Book & Catalogue is now available, along with some exciting offers from Stampin' Up!

Take this for instance - a Never Before Seen Sale - 15% off brand new stamp sets.

And a new $119 Starter Kit Promotion for anyone interested in becoming a Stampin' Up! Demo.

AND On-Line Ordering will be available to everyone this fall. Simply log on to my website and order away!

For more details on all these exciting changes scroll down the page and you'll find the links in the right hand column. Enjoy!

9 Aug 2008

I Won! I Won!

As is clearly evident, my blog has undergone a serious overhaul resulting in an extreme improvement - I can say that because I didn't do it! I had the wonderful good fortune to win a 'Blog Makeover' from Heather Wright-Porto, (www.blogsbyheather.com) assisted by Michelle Laycock of Laycock Designs (www.LaycockDesigns.com).

Heather has started a new business creating and maintaining blogs for busy (read computer illiterate) people like me. I was thrilled to win one of her 'Grand Opening' prizes, but didn't really know what to tell her I wanted done. Not to fear, Heather made it easy and fun. First she organized things so readers could find what was there - see the column on the right, you'll find a list of Categories that I will be adding to daily. Then she worked her magic so that all of my SU flyers actually link to the SU information!

Meanwhile Michelle had asked me what I wanted in my banner... hmmm, I wanted something pink, and something that showed Stampin' Up! products, and some of my samples. With that little bit of information she put it all together with lots of her creativity and now I have a beautiful new banner to introduce my blog.

Heather went back to work and tidied everything up, took out the unappealing background and added the lovely green borders and purple headings to co-ordinate with the banner. In the end she brought it all together in a beautiful way that makes me look good. Thanks Heather! Thanks Michelle! You both did a wonderful job!