7 Feb 2011

Card Swap - I (Heart) Hearts


It's a week until Valentine's and I thought I would share with you the team swaps for this month - the theme...what else!... is Valentines.

This is Maree's card made with the I (Heart) Hearts Stamp set. Its charm is in its simplicity.

And the little bitty clothespins just add that extra special touch.

While I'm in the 'Maree' scene, I've got a real treat for you. She has recently released a tutorial that is totally adorable. Now I'm planning to hold a class with it in March, but if you can't make it to class or can't wait until March, this is what I'm talking about:

Isn't it sweeeeet!! What a super little gift for Mother's Day, or for sisters, daughters, friends, anyone! It can be tucked in a pocket or purse, it's small enough to mail. And... there's still time to make it before Valentines - because, believe it or not, it's easy to make! You could make one for everybody!!

Inside are inspirational verses, but you could use whatever you like with stamps, photocopies of verses, computer printed verses. Anyway - you get the idea!

And now you can get the tutorial on Maree's Blog: Inky Moose 
(It's got to be special if I'm sending you away from my blog!!!)

See you next time!

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