22 Oct 2016

The Newest Member of My Family

Please say Hello to Barnaby!

We brought him home from the SPCA on October 13th. He is just 14 weeks old (that's approximately 6 years old if he was a human!).

He sleeps (a lot) in this basket on my computer desk.

He also likes to play (a lot). His favourite toys are balls with bells inside... so far we've 'lost' six of them...

Can kittens watch too much TV??? If I'm working on something and I can't be interrupted I sometimes turn on his favourite show...

You can tell he's going to be a cool dude when he grows up...

He's brought a lot of love and fun to the family already! But I'd forgotten how much time it takes to look after a kitten - you have to hold him and pet him and listen to him purrrrr... You have to laugh at his hyjinxs when he plays...You have to search for his toys... And you have to talk to him about serious things like catnip... But it's all worth it!

Happy Stamping!

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