7 Oct 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving holiday in Canada is October 12th this year (always the second Monday of October). We'll be having roast turkey with all the trimmings, plus apple and pumpkin pie. We have so much to be thankful for here in North America and I decided to use that as a theme for one of my classes.

One of the projects I did at our last 3-D class was this Gratitude Journal. I've seen a variety of this type of journal around and thought it would be fun to create a personalized one. I chose the Autumn Traditions Designer Series Paper from the annual catalogue (love these maple leaves and the colours in general). The books were purchased at a craft store and then we used the DSP to alter the cover and decorate divider pages that we added using Stampin' Up!'s spiral punch which works perfectly for the double wire binding.

Inside I divided the lined pages into five sections. The first was labelled 'Thoughts' using the Round Tab punch. Here I plan to include thoughts on gratitude - both from quotes as well as my own.

The next section is labelled "People" and here I will write about the people I am grateful to have in my life and why.

The third section is labelled "Things" and while I try not to be materially minded, there are things that I greatly appreciate! Think washers and dryers, electricity, Stampin' Up! tools! I will record these here so that I don't take luxuries such as these for granted.

The next label is "Understanding" and here I hope to record what I have learned from and about gratitude and how it has changed my life.

Finally I have a section about myself, and the talents and skills that I am grateful to have and learned.

The book is 5x5 and all the pages are lined so it is small enough to keep on my night table or in my tote bag, and I think it looks really cute with the DSP and tags!

Everyone who made one at class chose their own themes for the sections. One young girl decided she was going to make it all about her Dad and why she was so thankful for him. Another lady was going to divide it using her grandchildren's names and make notes of why she was grateful for them. Everyone had a different idea for how to use it and they were all really interesting. I hope you will find a use for a book like this too.


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