21 Nov 2009


It has been a Very Busy Month - which is good, except that I haven't been posting regularly. I met a lot of new stampers, had a lot of fun, made a lot of projects, and now I want to show you some of what I've been up to!

November 14 and 15 I participated in the Festive Craft Market at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College - it's one of the major fundraisers for their sports organizations. So I spent many hours preparing for that. Along with selling crafts I also wanted to make contacts with new people and it was a wonderful weekend for that. I met dozens of people who either already scrapbook and create with paper, or people who would like to start, so I'm planning classes for the new year!

I didn't have a huge amount of crafts to sell and while the display looks a little sparse, it took a long time to prepare it all. In the end I had a successful weekend so I was pleased. This is my regular display:

And here is my Christmas display:

I must admit I was exhausted after it was over, and I'm glad to be back on a more regular schedule. The most popular items were the Gift Card holders! Wonder what it will be next time...

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