19 May 2010


I've just returned from our daughter's graduation from Moritz School of Law at Ohio State University. And we are so proud! Four days later she received her Naturalization Certificate so now she is a US citizen. Her husband (born in the US and Psychology Professor at OSU) taught at the University of Toronto for two years, during which time he romanced her and subsequently lured her to OSU with him.

Here are the cards I made for her special days:

This one uses the OSU colours (Scarlet and Gray) and shows photos of her graduating from Kindergarden, Highschool, with her B.Sc. from Dalhousie, and her Masters of Psychology from U of T.

The inside shows her formal grad photo from OSU and I used the Happy Grad stamp from the new Summer Mini. (I covered our personal message to her so that's why there an extra wide sheet of paper there too).

She is a wonderful young woman, and someday I will forgive our terrific son-in-law for taking her so far away!!

The next card I made for my Mom to give to Jaie (who is her namesake). My Mom was not a well educated woman but she was an independent thinker! Again I used the OSU colours and the Happy Grad stamp:

and the inside carried a very 'Mom-like' sentiment:

from the Favourite Thoughts stamp set.

Finally I made a card for her Naturalization Ceremony.
It shows Jaie when she was about 4 years old:

And then again when her husband took her to New York to show her the city:
I just love this inside photo!! :0)

Thanks for letting me share some special moments with our 'middlest' daughter. Here's wishing you much joy with your family too!


  1. Carol, your daughter is going to just love these cards. I especially like them because they show the special pics/events in her life. Just awesome!!!
    I'm an American living in NS, and I loved the inside of the last card. hehe You must be so proud!!

  2. These are just wonderful Carol. I love the "time line" of graduation photos! The time and thought and love that has gone into these cards is very evident :)

  3. So Awesome - thanks for sharing with us this wonderful moment of your family - being a UT fan that OSU is kind of well you get the point but so glad of her accomplishments.

    Greetings from Texas.

    Robbi June at yahoo dot com