17 Dec 2010

Last Set of Tags...

Minus one...
I don't know about you, but life plays little tricks on me - especially in my craft room! Something that was there 5 minutes ago will disappear, doesn't matter how big, bold, or blue it is, it cannot be seen. Well the same thing happened to one of Linda's tags. And it was cute too. Hopefully it will reappear before too long. (Oh they do that too, usually after I've made/bought/borrowed another one just like it!)

My apologies to Linda...

These darling little card tags are full of detail. See the half pearls on the ornament:

And the bling on the snowflakes:

Even though they are small they are more like miniature cards than tags, and will make any gift look great (even the invisible one!).

Thank you Linda! You can visit Linda's blog (Shoreline Stampers) here.

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