2 Jan 2011

Drunken Cupcakes

Well - that's the way they looked when I first saw the photos...
How is it that I can make the card, set up the photo shoot, take the photos, and not see things I don't like until I see the photo?

Anyway, there are still lots more things to show you from the new Occasions Mini - I should have started two weeks ago!

Hold on to your hats - there's another new punch and coordinating stamp set, and this one is for cupcakes! So if you are a cupcake fan you'd better steel your willpower (or not!), because you're going to love this!

Here is a sample card:

 See how they are a little crooked and crowding each other... they must have got into something between the camera and the computer is all I can figure.....

Aren't those just the cutest little cherries?! That's part of the punch, along with the icing/frosting (what's the difference?), and the cupcake wrappers.

There are more sentiments too! Along with more stamps - it's a winner!

I want to tell you something about these cupcakes... I'm old enough to have my own grandchildren but I still remember that every year, for my brothers and I, my Mom used to make 3 tier birthday cakes. The bottom tier was white cake, the middle tier was chocolate cake, and the top tier was tinted pink. And though I didn't think of it at the time - what an awful lot of work!! I wasn't thinking about Mom's cakes when I made this card either, until I thought about the colours I'd used... white, chocolate, pink. Those colours mean birthday to me! Thanks Mom!

Tomorrow is the last day before the new Occasions Mini catalogue goes live... I wonder what other goodies I can show you........

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