22 Apr 2011

Introducing Max

I think it's time you've all met the furry joy AND bane of my life... Max

As you can see by the expression on his face, he has a healthy sense of self esteem! Instinctively knowing that when he found his 'pet person' that the world would unfold as it should - with himself in charge.

Here you see him showing me that instead of listening to a tutorial and taking notes I should be taking him outside - NOW!

He likes to supervise and make sure that my cleaning is up to standard...
In every corner....
HIS standard...

But I love the fact that he trusts me and likes to stay close to me wherever I am...

Max is a very special friend, and I love him.

If you are owned by someone furry, tell me about them! Leave a comment below!
Happy Stamping!

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