22 Apr 2011

Introducing Max

I think it's time you've all met the furry joy AND bane of my life... Max

As you can see by the expression on his face, he has a healthy sense of self esteem! Instinctively knowing that when he found his 'pet person' that the world would unfold as it should - with himself in charge.

Here you see him showing me that instead of listening to a tutorial and taking notes I should be taking him outside - NOW!

He likes to supervise and make sure that my cleaning is up to standard...
In every corner....
HIS standard...

But I love the fact that he trusts me and likes to stay close to me wherever I am...

Max is a very special friend, and I love him.

If you are owned by someone furry, tell me about them! Leave a comment below!
Happy Stamping!


  1. Awwwwwwwwww! I LOVE the last photo Carol!!!! You have captured him to a tee :)

  2. Your Max looks soooo much like my Jasper! He likes to chase bottle caps and when he was younger, he used to bring them back to us so we could throw them for him again.

    He loves to torment his sister, too. She's older and smaller but she still keeps him in line and he always backs down. Unless he's in my hubby's backpack ... then she steers clear of him for some reason. He smacks her if she gets too close. It's HIS backpack. LOL

  3. Oh Carol,
    He is just awesome, I'm hoping you will introduce me when I stop by for my order...


  4. Oh Carol,
    Where were you hiding him? You have to introduce me me when I stop bye...