15 Apr 2011

Look What I Got in My Grab Bags!!!

My Grab Bags from the on-line Clearance Rack came today!! Now I love surprises just for the surprise... (except for the time my neighbour brought me a present when we were about eight... it was all wrapped up in pretty paper and inside was a ... gas can cover. Interesting that it didn't turn me off of surprises for life! Guess I'm an optimist.)

Anyway, I ordered a $6 grab bag, and a $12 grab bag... Can you stand the wait????

Here is the $6

It includes:

9 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock (3 sheets of 3 different colours)
1 sheet of die cut images

2 small packages of ribbon (I didn't measure them)
10 pre-folded cards in two colours
12 confetti envelopes
20 smaller pre-cut pieces of cardstock for layering, stamping, or punching


OK, OK, now for the $12 package:

There are
10 12x12 two-sided sheets of Designer paper (all the same)
10 sheets of die cut images (all the same)
You know what that means - a whole co-ordinating scrapbook or card sets!!
4 small packages of ribbon
10 pre-folded cards
10 envelopes
6 buttons
4 small note cards and matching envelopes
sheet of 6 die cut chipboard 2 inch circles
1 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of Designer paper
40 pre cut sheets of cardstock to layer

...sigh... Sometimes surprises really are great!

It's not too late to order yours! I can't guarantee that it will be the same as mine, or that it won't be either!! You can do it directly on-line, or if you live close to me just contact me!
Have fun!


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