4 Apr 2011

The Large and the Small

Although my favourite part of papercrafting is making card sets, making containers of any kind is a very close second. I'm always amazed at the beautiful products we can create with Stampin' Up! supplies. I mean some people used to think blueberries originally came from grocery stores, well I used to think boxes and containers only came from department stores!

Imagine my delight when I started making my own!

So today I want to show you two containers/bags/purses that I made over the weekend:

The large bag on the left can hold up to 20 cards and envelopes and has a little pocket on the front. I found the tutorial for this bag on Lynn Pratt's blog and you can purchase it here.

The smaller purse is perfect for little gifts - bracelets, chocolate, single stamps, etc. I found it on Selene Kempton's blog and you can purchase the template here.

There is just something so satisfying about creating something with your own hands!

If you want to get that same feeling check out my classes! Hope to see you soon!


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