2 Aug 2012

Creativity Goes Digital!

My Digital Studio 2 software allows you to quickly add photos, 1000's of Stampin' Up! images, colours, ribbon, text and much more to your scrapbook pages, greeting cards, calendars and much more. Beauty in minutes! Expect professional looking results that you can embellish with Stampin' Up! matching accessories for more dimension. It's both Mac and Windows compatible. Stay on top of digital software trends and new releases by visiting here.

What is My Digital Studio 2 Plus (MDS2+)? Full software with design tools to create cards, photobooks, calendars, journals, and more. (Including $650 worth of ready-to-go digital content. Click here to see content)

If that excites you, you can download MDS2+ and start creating today for $99.95


What is MDS2? Stampin' Up!'s MDS2 digital design software includes:   Full software with design tools to create cards, photobooks, calendars, and more.  Also includes some functional content including a few punches, card stock, and photo layouts. Click here to see limited content. This is a great option if you prefer to order your content individually.

Download MDS2 and create something beautiful for only $49.95 


OR if you already have My Digital Studio you can get all the new features of MDS2, including this digital content with the MDS2 Upgrade, only $24.95. This does NOT include the $650 in content found in MDS2+.

Download MDS2 Upgrade and discover all the new things you can do!


Still not sure if it's something you'd like? Try the FREE 30 DAY MDS2 TRIAL OFFER to help you make your decision. Click here to see Free Trial content. 

Stampin' Up! offers high quality publishing options delivered to your door (or you can print your creation at home).   Check out the Stampin' Up! pricing and publishing options.

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