17 Jan 2013

Life Lessons at Leadership 2013

(Meeting and sharing at lunch time was great fun!)

I attended at least 10 training classes while I was at Leadership 2013, and the interesting thing I found about all of them is that not only can you apply the strategies you learn to business, but also to life.

For instance in the Success Strategies to Empower Your Downline, presented by Holly Linford and Lynsay Mahon, I was reminded to look at people's strengths instead of their weaknesses, a skill helpful in your family and social life!

We learned ways to encourage people, and how to guide them to success. I especially liked the quote that Lynsay shared: "Be a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage". A much better image to keep in mind when talking to children, rather than the "Don't do as I do, do as I say"!

We also learned how to recognize the needs people have at different stages in their careers. How helpful this would be with our children and friends if we were more aware of their needs at different times in their lives. Meeting those needs would make relationships run so much more smoothly. I'm thinking specifically of my daughters when they were teenagers... how many of those arguments could have been avoided if I had only realized that they needed to exert their independence, or needed me to let them know I trusted them.

And along with sharing the training strategies I would like to share this card:

Happy Stamping!

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