17 Nov 2014

Bleach Technique - Amazing!

At the East Coast Stampin' event held in Truro on November 8th Tracy Elsom presented a technique tutorial using regular household bleach.

She showed us how to use a paint brush (or an aqua painter without any water in the chamber) to paint the bleach onto embossed images.

You can leave the lightened areas as is, or paint them with another colour (as shown in the two centre card fronts at the bottom of the photo below.

Also by using layers of paper towel dampened with bleach to actually stamp onto cardstock. This is shown in the two outside cards at the bottom of the photo below.

She also gave us a tip on how to avoid the strong aroma of the bleach - store a small amount in a clear glass bottle, after a few days the smell is much less pungent.

Thanks Tracy for the inspiration!

Happy Stamping

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