14 Feb 2016

Downton Abbey Box

Confession - I have watched Downton Abbey since DAY ONE. I would also tape it and watch it again with a friend who didn't get that channel. Sometimes I'd watch it again if another friend dropped by who had missed an episode. This week I've watched several of the early episodes to take a closer look at clothing and mannerisms, because


I know, it's Valentine's Day and I should be going out to a romantic restaurant with my husband... but it's ok, he's going to be the BUTLER!

I've got my costume put together (we agreed not to spend a lot of money on 'real' costumes), and although it's not perfect I'm pretty happy with it.

And then I started thinking about a hostess gift... the hostess loves Ferrero Rocher, and even though it wasn't created until the 1940's in Italy I thought I could overlook that and make her happy.

But then I looked at the box. Plastic. I doubted the Crawleys would present chocolates in such a manner. 

But I could fix that!  I took the dimensions of the original box and created one of my own. I think it looks a lot nicer!

I used the Birthday Bouquet Designer Series Paper and Mossy Meadow to decorate it, and topped it with a beautiful 1" Stitched Satin Ribbon in Watermelon Wonder.

I think the hostess will be pleased, and I can pretend it's period appropriate.

My favourite Downton Abbey character is Lady Edith (strong, but not so snobbish as Mary). Who is yours? Please leave a comment and tell me.

Happy Downton Abbeying!

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