19 May 2011

Thank You and Embossing Technique

Hello, and a big Thank You to everyone who visited my blog during the SUDSOL Blog Tour - I appreciate your comments and your visit!

Today I want to show you a card we did at our last Technique class - it shows two different sizes of the Framed Tulips Embossing:

We first embossed the front of the Regal Rose card base using the embossing folder in the usual way. Then, using Whisper White we embossed a smaller piece of cardstock. You can make a larger or smaller Framed Tulips border as long as one side is at least 4 1/4". The cardstock on this card measured 4 1/4" x 3".
Simply place the cardstock in the embossing folder with the 4 1/4" side along the top. Using the regular sandwich run it part way through the Big Shot. 

Remove the sandwich by rewinding the same way it went though. Remove the cardstock, making sure you don't turn it over, and replace it in the embossing folder with the unembossed section at the top of the folder. Make sure the indented images fit in to the indents in the embossing folder, and that the cardstock is high enough to capture the whole of the top row of design.

Run this through the Big Shot part way - making sure it meets up with the previous embossed section, then rewind to remove.

When you remove the cardstock you should have a perfect frame!

Here is a close-up of the butterflies and double frame:

Have fun stamping!

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