5 Sep 2011

A Kiwi Thank You

Don't you love getting unexpected Real Mail in your mailbox? Well I did last week and it was such a treat! First of all because it was a real surprise! Secondly - it reminded me of wonderful moments with a new friend, and thirdly - it gave me a whole lot of ideas and inspiration for new cards. Now how's all that just for the price of a stamp!

A little background info: I've mentioned my friend Maree in my blog several times and Maree hails from New Zealand. During May one of Maree's friends visited with her for a month, and I was lucky enough to have a visit from both of them.
Carol, Maree, Suzy

We had a fun, crafty, and crime filled visit (we weren't the perpetrators!!), but that's another story. Today's story is about the card I received from Suzy. Imagine coming all the way from New Zealand!

Here is the card, and I love it for several reasons. It's very simplicity packs a wallop. There are so many elements of texture, in the paper design, in the raised matting, in the buttons and strings. And finally Suzy used my absolute favourite colours, pink and green ... now how did she know that?!

Isn't it lovely? And it's even better when you can hold it in your hands!

The textured letters are individually cut and then attached to the background squares which are popped up:
And I really like how Suzy gave the buttons a background too, it makes them stand out even more!

So thank you Suzy for your lovely card, and for the gift of inspiration that came along with it! You're a sweetie and whenever you're ready to come back to Canada we'll have to plan another get together - hopefully without the uninvited visitors!!!

Thanks Maree for introducing me to your friend, and as you  know, "my door is always open"!

OK, Group HUG!!!

Happy Stamping

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