21 Sep 2011

Masculine Birthday...

Today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday Honey!

Since he retired he has become a real golf addict (I've heard it happens...?) But that's OK because I'm a real craft addict so we each have our own passions, plus passions that we share - like travel and gardening and reading and children and grandchildren and making preserves and pies (but that's another post).

So here is the card I made him for his birthday, with special thanks to one of the ASI team for pointing it out to me on-line (Thanks Louise, it's perfect!).

Aren't those golf shoes just the cutest! I wish I could take credit for them but you can find out how to make them here:    

And here's the birthday boy himself - opening presents - which he wouldn't do if I didn't force him to, you know guys!!!
That's a golf shirt from his favourite Trust Company (Thank you Dean!), and he was hoping that was what it was!

Thanks for stopping by!

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