24 Dec 2012

A no peeking Gift Bag Topper

I just learned of this style of Gift Bag Topper last month, but I guess it has been around for years... you know the saying: "Everything old is new again", and so it is!

This information comes from one of the Stampin' Up! Regional Meetings, which is a wonderful place to get new (and old) ideas!

Here it is, and it is so quick and easy:

Cut your cardstock the width of your bag (mine was eight inches), and use the same size to make the back and front. So cut a piece 8" x 8", and score in the middle. Then place it across the top of the bag and mark the distance at the outside of where the handles emerge. Keeping the cardstock folded, use your scissors to cut a slit in the cardstock as shown below:

Decorate the cardstock, fill the bag, and pop the topper over the handles, and glue to the sides of the bag - or leave unglued if you trust the recipient! I love it!

Now, let me know if this is old to you or if you've seen it for the first time? Thanks!

Happy Stamping

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