12 Dec 2012

"WOW!" Wednesdays

I want to let you in on a new monthly class I will be offering. It's called "WOW!" Wednesday because it will be held once a month on a Wednesday... (figured that out yourself I bet), and they are cards that make you go WOW!, or OOOOOH!, or THAT's SO CUTE!

In order to get this reaction the cards will be over-the-top gorgeous, or contain a surprise, or be an interesting style creation.

My first class is tonight, and this is the card we are making:

This is a triple easel card and I hope you can see it has lots of bling!!! And you can be sure no one is getting a card quite like this for Christmas this year.

Please let me know what you think - is this something you would like to make?

I'll be holding another class in January featuring a very special Valentine card. Check back for more details!

Happy Stamping

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