2 Dec 2012

Beautiful Christmas Trees!

Today I went with a few friends to an Open House hosted by Forest Glen Greenhouses, a Poinsettia grower in our area. They provide thousands of plants to Superstore & Sobeys to name but two of their buyers.

This was just a small section of their poinsettias!

This is a family-owned business, and one of the owners is mega-talented in decorating. Every year she decorates trees in different styles and themes. I have only a few of them here - I guess I was too busy admiring to remember to take photos!

Doesn't this one look magical!

And this one is so elegant!

This one is very natural...

Berries and Burlap and Birds - my favourite!

A children's tree - for the child in all of us.

Red and Green - TRADITION!

I love this one too - I think it looks like a Wedding Tree...

They had a beautiful display of handmade sleighs and greenery arrangements.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! I hope these photos inspire you as much as the tour inspired me!

Happy Stamping

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