12 May 2013

It's a day to honour Mothers!

I am the lucky Mom of three beautiful, smart, loving, daughters. One of whom is a Mom herself (Now she knows what I was talking about all those years!!!)

But when Mother's Day rolls around I think of my own Mom and how much she has meant to our family over the years. As some of you know, my Mom is in the late stages of Alzheimer's Disease and lives in a nursing home. She can no longer communicate (she talks but we can't make sense of it), but she can still smile or let you know she doesn't like something! :0) In other words she has a strong spirit, and it was this spirit that held our family together.

Mom married when she was seventeen and she and my Dad were together for sixty-four years. She raised two sons and a daughter. She looked after the farm when Dad worked away. She loved to pick berries and make jams and pies. She won prizes for her needlework. She worked at country stores and is remembered by many people. She cared for her Mom when she became ill from a stroke. She cared for Dad until his death. She had to suffer the loss of one of her sons.

Although we can't reminisce together any more, she has given me so many wonderful memories - funny, sad, wise, and poignant - that I always have something to talk about when I visit.

Today I'm going to talk about the time she dressed up on Halloween and went to visit the neighbours with me. It was my last year to go out - I was about 13 and as tall as Mom. It was the tradition is our village that the neighbours had to guess who you were before you got any treats, and NO ONE could figure out who we were because no one had TWO children our size. At the time I got a little frustrated waiting for all the goodies, but ever since it has been a favourite memory that Mom and I shared. Mom is a treasure!

Here is the card I made for her this year:

I hope your Mother's Day is filled with wonderful memories too!

Happy Stamping!

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