13 Mar 2010


To move our clocks ahead one hour tonight ( 2am, Sunday, March 14, Atlantic Time). Spring forward, Fall back.
And now that you're here, please help me with this card. I made it to look like a mantle clock - antique face, black woodgrain housing. But it's still 'flat'. Please help! What would you suggest? I'll collect your suggestions and make a new card using the ones I like best. Thanks!


  1. Is there a way you could mount the numbers and/or clock hands on top of the face, to give it a little more depth?

  2. You could add brads to the center and on 3, 6, 9, and 12

    You could also adds omething with versa mark around the clock, like timy leaves or flowers.

    Alvina :-)

  3. My grandmother had a clock similiar to this one and the numbers and hands were in gold. Perhaps if you embossed them in gold that would make them stand out. Also, some glossy glaze over the face of the clock would make it look like a glass cover? These are just suggestions since I make really awful cards myself!