1 Mar 2010


Do you have a tidy, organized craft area? I'm fortunate to have a designated permanent space for my crafting, but that doesn't mean it's tidy all the time. In fact - if I'm working on a project I can go from neat to disaster in less than 15 minutes!

One thing that was always a problem was keeping my buttons/brads/eyelets/clips/etc. tidy and accessible. I used to stack them on top of each other in rows. But inevitably I'd knock them over, or not be able to find the ones I wanted because they were in the back of the row.

So I finally bit the bullet so to speak. I didn't want to spend money on 'storage' when I could spend that same money on stamps or paper or embellishments. But I broke down and purchased the Stampin' Stack & Store (#109127  $46.95    p.203) and I'm so glad I did for several reasons:
1. It takes up less space!
2. I can find exactly what I'm looking for quickly and easily!
3. And as a result I'm using the items more often!
It holds 24 of the stack and store containers (48 mini containers), all on a turn table that moves easily and securely. I love it!

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