31 Mar 2010


There are many tools I love and use regularly, but one of the best is the annual Idea Book & Catalogue:
Not only is it full of wonderful things to buy, but there are many other uses for it as well:

1. Card Ideas - hundreds of ideas for creating cards
2. Scrapbook ideas - samples of different sizes of scrapbook pages, in different styles
3. 3-D ideas - samples of boxes, bags, flowers, etc. to coordinate with your projects
4. Colour combinations - every set of facing pages uses a different colour combination - lots of great ideas
5. Tips and hints printed throughout the book
6. Plus there is a downloadable list of product used in every project so that you can recreate it

Take a second look at your IB&C - it has a lot to offer. And if you live in the Truro area and would like a free copy of the catalogue, just let me know!

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