26 Nov 2012

What's on YOUR Wish List?

I know you're probably busy making sure you have all the right gifts for everyone on your list, tracking them down, picking them up, wrapping... Unless of course you get a thrill from shopping on the 24th - more power to you - I can't even imagine the stress that would put me through!! :0)

But how about you? Do you have any items on your Wish List from Stampin' Up!? If so I can help you with that... I have two ways to help with your wish list:

1. Give me a list of the things you'd like to receive and the names of people you would like to receive them from, and I WILL CONTACT THEM FOR YOU!! Yes! By phone or email, and just let them know that there are some things on your Wish List that you would really like, and that I'll even gift wrap it for them!! You don't have to do a thing after you email me with your list. Except open those wonderful gifts on Christmas!! Email me at carolmatthews.ns.sympatico.ca.

2. I will send you a Wish List that you can print out, and fill out, and give to your loved ones yourself. My information will be on the list and they can contact me at their convenience. And I will gift wrap their choices! Email me at carolmatthews.ns.sympatico.

The deadline for ordering is December 5th, so email me right away!

Happy Stamping

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